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BODYATTACK 100 | Lisa Osborne

   ↑  2018/02/10 (土)  カテゴリー: BODYATTACK100

リサのインタビュー動画です。リサの部分だけですが、文字起こししました。英語・日本語(訳)いずれも間違いあったらすみません。I'm sorry if any mistakes.

I love my job. I love what I do. I love the class. I love that we're working together. And I think the best performance is being able to share that.

When I'm teaching, whether it's 2 people 200 people 2000 people it's the same. And that's our job as a fitness leader. We hope to change in a positive way the people that are in front of us. That's a really big responsibility and a great thing that we can do for the world to make people feel great through our classes. My whole life has been about exercise.

20 years ago I was involved in the fitness industry and BODYATTACK , back then, was based on aerobic movements and high energy. At the time more as the world rover champions always really fit but it challenged me. I love it. I love the music. I love the movement. And it just connected I'm really proud that I have been a part of it for so long but I don't want to about the past. It means nothing. You can talk about it, but I can't inspire anybody in the past. It's gone. I only think about today and how I can create at positive change tomorrow and moving forward.

I want BODYATTACK to be a really modern program keeping the essence of its energy and its connection, but also having movements that are now in the year 2017 18 19 20 and to do that. We have to know what's going on. But there I started CrossFit to get ideas and to know what it was all about and see how it could help BODYATTACK. I made it to the world CrossFit games and I think that BODYATTACK really help me get there because of the fitness and the skills that we have in BODYATTACK to me. The immediate goal is the most important. I live in the moment and I want to inspire as many people as I possibly can to have a healthy and a happy life.

I just really believe that we change people's lives and all the people that teach BODYATTACK. They do it for the right reasons and they want people to get something out of the time that they spend in BODYATTACK. It doesn't matter how fit they are or how young they are we teach BODYATTACK for the people. Not for ourselves. It's not about us being on stage. It's about how we can create change for the people in front of us.

私は仕事が大好き、やってることが好き、クラスが好きそして 私たちが一緒に働いていることが好き。 最高のパフォーマンスがそれを共有できると思います。

私のクラスが2人であっても200人でも2000人でも同じ。 それがフィットネスリーダーである私たちの仕事です。私たちは人々をポジティブに変えたいと考えています。 それは本当に大きな責任であり、クラスを通してできるのは素晴らしい。私の人生はすべてフィットネス。

20年前、私はフィットネス業界にいました。その当時のBODYATTACKはハイエナジーの有酸素運動でした。 私はずっと BODYATTACK にかかわってきましたが、過去について話すのは望んでいません。 それは無意味だから。過去の人に影響を与えることはできない。 私は今日、そして明日のポジティブな変化と、どう前進するかを考えています。

私は BODYATTACK は、そのエナジーをキープして現代的なプログラムであってほしい。私はCrossFitを始めてアイディアを得て、BODYATTACK に役立つか考えています。 世界のCrossFitの試合に出場しましたが、BODYATTACK のスキルに助けられました。目標は大切です。 私はこの瞬間を生きていて、健康で幸せな人生を送るために多くの人にインスピレーションを与えたいと思っています。

私は BODYATTACK に関わるすべての人々の人生を変えられると信じています。インストラクターはBODYATACK の時間で何かを得てほしいと思っています。インストラクターのキャリアや年齢は関係ありません。皆さんに向けて BODYATTACK をおこなっています。自分のためではありません。

彼らがどれだけフィットしているか、若者たちがBODYATTACKを教えているかは問題ではありません。 これは自分のためではありません。 私たちがステージ上にいるのは皆さんに変化を起こすためです。


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Never stop, target on tomorrow to change

Hi Attaro-san,
First of all, congratulation BA 100 and thank you very much for your scripts and all translations!! BAers in Japan can feel energy and passion of Lisa toward BA and change on peoples life. Leader's direction motivates us, so once we see her focus on future, as #99-1 Don't look back, is there any reason why we won't try to set our eyes on the same way?
Cross fingers - Lisa and we all reach BA #200 together ... #100 is just a passing point for the next #101.
I love what I do, too, because it is BODYATTACK!

めろんぱんだ |  2018/02/13 (火) 20:40 [ 編集 ] No.1905

I would like all BAers to know LISA's strong messages such as 'Dont look back'.
But I hope that many BAers look back BODYATTACK earlier than #99 to join BA survey and poll. :-)

あたろー |  2018/02/15 (木) 23:06 [ 編集 ] No.1906

Sure DO!

Thanks Attaro-san,
Yeah... that's why I'd added one note in Japanese at last... not sure but it is pretty much restricted only JAPANESE people to join though Attaro-san welcomes comments globally.
BTW, I am now recalling all lists back to make my own BESTs. Fortunately? I do not have so long BA experience than you and your BA friends. Still, it is not easy for me to select them. I'm looking forward to seeing the results!!

めろんぱんだ |  2018/02/16 (金) 12:39 [ 編集 ] No.1907

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